The Wharf Fund Donates Funds for a New PA System

On Thursday, January 26th, 2017, the Goldcorp-Coeur Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund donated $600 to the Northern Hills Recreation Association doing business as the Handley Center. The Handley Center will use the funds to purchase an updated PA system. The new PA system will be used for a number of events and activities, including the recently resurrected Skate Nights.

The Handley Center has not only become a safe haven for the youth in our community but several organizations, leagues, and educational entities have found their center as their primary usable space for their programming. In order to better serve the LD community and the programs that are essential to the community’s growth, the Handley Center realizes that they need to expand and renovate their current facility to meet these demands, hence the reintroduction to Skate Nights.

With our new gym, we anticipate an increase of participants to skate night along with a need to maintain the quality of our new gym floor.” – Kayla Klein, Handley Center Board Member

The Wharf Fund is honored to make this donation to the Handley Center to help them accomplish their revitalization efforts.