Helping the Lead-Deadwood Youth Make Music

In 2015, Kari Owens, the music instructor from the Lead-Deadwood Elementary School, introduced the World Music Drumming Program to her fifth grade students. The program was an instant success and continues to gain popularity. This year she’s at it again; this time with ukuleles!

With the help of a $1,790 donation from the Goldcorp-Coeur Wharf Sustainable Prosperity Fund, the LD Elementary school will be receiving 25 soprano ukuleles and songbooks. These ukuleles will be used by all LD Elementary students and will help open a door to interest in other instruments. The students will start by learning the four basic cords and will advance on from there. Students will also learn how to respect and maintain the instrument.

“It is pure magic when students are first able to learn the skills to express themselves on an instrument! Then, when their classmates join in a collective music making, the results are far reaching. The cognitive and emotional development with quality instruments and instruction on an instrument deepens pathways for students to become more connected to another culture or even each other!” - Kari Owens

The Wharf Fund is beyond excited to support a program that will have such a tremendous impact on the local youth. This request is two-fold since it can be classified under our Education core value, as well as our Arts & Culture core value. The Fund board is excited to see what the LD youth and Kari can achieve with these ukuleles.